Before Varsity Book

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“By doing away with giving explicitly to everyone what it implicitly demands of everyone, the
educational system demands of everyone alike that they have what it does not give”

P. Bourdieu

Even when the doors of learning and culture are widely opened to all through Government’s fully
subsidised free higher education and training for the poor and the working class, many social-
cultural and institutional barriers to access and succeed in post schooling opportunities remain
firmly entrenched for most families and communities in post-apartheid South Africa.
Due to the historic prevalence of unequal access to information, technology, career guidance and
related educational resources many talented young South Africans living in rural areas an townships
either do not consider or are unable to access institutions of higher learning and training. The
existing educational information and technology gap creates a spirit of hopelessness and result in
many underprivileged youth leaving the education system without realising their full potential.
As the South African education landscape continues to transform; through this book, Muimeleli
Mutangwa and Mukovhe Masutha dig into the experiences and exposure of different students,
including their own individual educational journeys from Venda to the heights of academia to
provide brotherly, comprehensive and practical step-by-step guide to accessing and succeeding in
South Africa Post-Schooling opportunities, particularly Universities and TVET Colleges!

Now, Let Your Marks, Pay Your Fees!