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Q. How do I schedule a session?
A. To schedule a session, you may either call | WhatsApp(text) 61 423 6803 or

Q. How can I pay?
A. Payment is taken either by cash | EFT | E-wallet | Cashsend | Send-iMali.
Q. Where do you tutor?
A. You pick! Wherever is most convenient for you, whether it be your home, school,
library, etc. *Prices may vary dependent on location.

Q. As a student, what do I need to prepare?
A. Every minute of our session will be important, so come readily prepared with a pencil,
eraser, scientific calculator, textbooks if given, and any questions you may have! If you
do not have any materials, or wish to advance ahead of the curriculum, A tutor will bring
materials, practice questions/tests/exams and any academic texts.

Q. Should I schedule weekly sessions or book as I go?
A. It is your preference. Many students prefer to schedule weekly sessions so that they
have a consistent and habitual learning discipline. It also ensures that your desired day
and time is reserved.

Q. Do you tutor various levels of academics?
A. Yes! We tutor students of all levels [Enriched/Enhanced | Academic | Applied |

Q. What if I have to cancel a session?

A. Life happens and things can come up. Our cancellation policy is – Cancel anytime up
to 24 hrs before, either by text, email, or phone. No charge up to 24 hours before your
session. Full charge if cancellation occurs within 24 hours your scheduled session. For
more details, please read my terms and conditions

Q. Do you do group tutoring?
A. Yes. Group tutoring is available for students who are of the same grade and course.
Group rates vary: please contact for a quote.

Q. Do you do online tutoring?
A. Yes. If you require online tutoring, please contact for more details and arrangements.

Q. Do you have any reviews or statements from other clients?
A. Yes, you can check them out on our home page

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