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We are the bridge between teachers, parents and the learners. Using our tutors’ expertise, learning experience and passion we provide homework assistance, exam preparedness and ensure the understanding of concepts.


Every learner deserves a quality tutor and with MS tutors we envision a learner can remotely access a tutor.


Form partnerships with schools, companies, organisations and the government & other key stakeholders to bring quality tutoring services closer to every learner’s doorstep. This will be attained though the leverage of the digital revolution and utilizing media platforms.


We believe in giving back to the less fortunate and our tutors are willing to take below market rates for the outreach programme to previously disadvantaged schools.




Hi MS Tutors
Trust u are well

I would like to thank you for helping me with mathematics. I never studied maths at high school as it was perceived as a difficult subject by students. But ever since you started helping me with the subject i have fallen in love with it more than any other subject … The basics that u taught me, and the skills u transferred of how to solve problems without using a calculator are really helpful. …🙏


J Mdluli

MS Tutors have been very helpful to me regardless of my education. I was able to ask any question anytime n I would be answered in such a way that satisfied me. They ensured that I understood both the question n the answer. I would suggest anyone to be in contact with MS Tutors as they would gain not only knowledge but also deeper understanding of their studies.


Basil Mackenzie : Dean : Head of Academics – Nova Pioneer, Ormonde

We used MS Tutors to provide final preparation for our A level chemistry and mathematics students. They were punctual, well prepared and related very well to our students. The feedback our students gave about them was very positive. We truly believe that when our student’s results come out in January 2020, a part of their success will be due to the efforts of MS Tutors. Thank you!

We would definitely recommend them to other schools and private students.


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