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MS Tutors is a tutoring company that was founded on the belief that every tutee deserves, a quality tutor; to keep up to speed with their schoolwork and improve their performance which will in turn increase their confidence. Our main goal is to help tutees become independent learners to the point where they will no longer require a tutor. We aim to achieve this by assisting the tutees to overcome their learning obstacles, improve their study habits and overall attitude towards school. The self- paced and self-directed teaching style of our tutors boosts our tutees’ confidence.

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Never do last minute studying. Too much study material and too little time = ANXIETY

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Our tutors comprise of competent individuals who deeply appreciate the content of their respective areas of expertise.

Study Effectively


Never do last minute studying. Too much study material and too little time = ANXIETY

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We are the bridge between a teacher’s passion and a tutees’ personal goal. Since the existence of our institution, we have utilized our tutors to close the learning gaps that students face whilst steering them towards their expected goals and achievements.


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R249.95 / hour
  • One on one calls
  • Physical or virtual lessons
  • Exercise, Review & Exam Guidance


More than just tutoring
R349.93 / hour
  • All essential features
  • Receive assesements
  • Feedback progress report
  • Learner profile maintenance


Your child deserves the best.
R449.91 / hour
  • All comprehensive features
  • Progress report - full analysis & recommendations
  • Learner profile maintenance
  • Issue bi-monthly exercises with asynchronous solutions

Our tutors comprise of competent individuals who deeply appreciate the content of their respective areas of expertise. As graduates, they have a thorough understanding of theory but also have demonstrated practical experience.

Azeema Jinwala

Azeema Jinwala

Bed. Senior phase and FET

Subjects :Primary school subjects ,English, History, Mathematics, Economic Management Sciences and Natural Sciences for High School.

Grades: R, 1-7,8-10

Preferred curriculum: Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, CAPS curriculum

Availability: Immediately

Azeema Jinwala copy

Imanuel Mokone

B.S.c. Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics

Subjects Tutored: Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Finance, Statistics.

Grades: 10, 11 and Matric

Preferred curriculum: CAPS

Availability: Immediately


Lebohang Mabusela

BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Subjects Tutored: Life science, Physical science and Mathematics

Grades: 11 & 12

Preferred curriculum: CAPS

Availability: Mondays after 12pm, Tuesday after 12pm.


Netsai Burns

B.S.c. Honours degree in Economics, Masters in Business Administration

Subjects Tutored: All subjects for primary level, and Business studies, social sciences & English for high school

Grades: 4 to 12, but Maths only up to grade 7

Preferred curriculum:Cambridge and Matric

Availability: Immediately

Nkosana cop

Nkosana Tukule

N.D. Accounting

Subjects Tutored:Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Internal Auditing, Mathematics Literacy

Grades: 11 & 12

Preferred curriculum: Grade 12, N4,5 and 6 TVET College, University of Johannesburg, MANCOSA, UNISA

Availability: Monday- Sunday (3 days prior)


Sifiso Vilankulo


Subjects Tutored: Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Grades: 8 – 12

Preferred curriculum: CAPS

Availability: Immediately


Carlson Mutabwani

Diploma in Education

Subjects Tutored: Geography, Music, Agricultural Science, Natural Science, life science

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Preferred curriculum: Cambridge and CAPS

Availability: Always available and Flexible


Litshani Brian

Chemistry, Honours in Chemical Engineering & Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Other (First Aid etc.): Health and Safety Certificate from OSH Academy

Subjects Tutored:Mathematics & Chemistry

Grades: 10, 11 and 12 Preferred curriculum: CAPS

Availability: Immediately

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Chloë Smith

Name of Institution: University of the Witwatersrand BSc Computer Science Year Completed: To be completed in 2021

Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Science

Grades: Grade 6 – 8

Preferred curriculum: CAPS


Mon – Fri 8:00 – 12:00;

Sat – Sun 8:00 – 17:00,

Hours are very flexible during lockdown.




I would like to thank you for helping me with Mathematics. I had never studied maths at high school as it was perceived to be a difficult subject by many students. Ever since I started receiving help from a tutor from MS Tutors, I have fallen in love with maths more than any other subject…The basics covered with me, and the skills transferred of how to solve problems without using a calculator are really helpful

- Mpho Ndhlovu

MS Tutors have been very helpful to me regardless of my education. I was able to ask any question at anytime and I would be answered in such a way that was to my satisfaction. They ensured that I understood both the question and how to arrive to the answer. I would suggest anyone to be in contact with MS Tutors as they would gain not only knowledge but also a deeper understanding of their studies.

- Joy Mdluli

My experience with MS Tutors was lovely and awesome, I love MS Tutors because it is a very organized, professional, friendly and a quick organization. My transition back to traditional school has been smooth because when the teachers taught us new content it was actually revision for me because I covered the content with my awesome tutors  For the first time I am not that stressed about writing my grade 11 tasks. Thank you!

- Olorato Mosakga

I trust you are well, thank you for the positive influence, much appreciated. I was actually thinking yesterday on the seed you are planting, Kea will always remember how you assisted him. Even if he is tired, he still looks forward to your class. Thank you 🙏

- Snowy

I’d like to say a major thank you to MS Tutors and Mr Imanuel(an MS Tutor) for all the work put in to assist me with my Mathematics (which is practically my least favourite subject nonetheless the both of you were able to assist where needed). I wish both you (MS Tutors) and Mr Imanuel nothing but prosperity in future!🌟 Thank you

- Elizabeth Robinson

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